Quality Policy

Date: 28/06/2018

Exactech exists to improve the quality of life for individuals by maintaining their activity and independence. We do this through innovative ideas, high quality products, education and commitment to service. It is our promise to be “Surgeon Focused, Patient Driven”.

To assist in the achievement of Exactech business objectives, a Quality Management System has been identified as a key method. As a consequence, Exactech has established a Quality Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 and is implementing the following key initiatives:

  • Fostering a “quality culture” within Exactech focusing on exceptional customer service, continuous improvement and its key business activities, being provision of surgical implants of the highest quality to patients suffering pain because of disease, injury or wear of skeletal joints
  • Working closely with surgeons to understand the challenges they face—from the exam room to the board room to the operating theatre
  • Working together with R&D team to advance the efficiency of instruments and the efficacy of implant systems
  • Introducing the latest innovative solutions for joint replacement to the market
  • Providing on-going training to employees.
  • Promoting Exactech name to the market by attending local, national and international conference.
  • Demonstrating Exactech as a name of superior service and product provider
  • Constantly review and improve the QMS as per standard ISO 9001:2015

The Quality Policy and Management System is integrated and implemented through the active involvement of the entire organisation, for compliance to ISO 9001:2015 standard. To continually improve the QMS and the business at large, quality objectives and other commitments are reviewed and re-established at management review annually.